• Lil Sag

    Lil Sag

  • the decent co

    the decent co

    [ an NFT company. a collective of creators and influencers. a cause with a next-gen ed DAO. theDecentCo.io ]

  • Christian Skog

    Christian Skog

    Project manager and philanthropist wannabe. Wannabe more.

  • Vera Kobalia

    Vera Kobalia

    Former Minister of Economy. Current Adviser to Governments (innovation in public sector). Women Advocate.👭Trying to change how girls think about careers.

  • Kelly McGilvery

    Kelly McGilvery

    culture hustler. toledo booster. community builder.

  • Anukshi Jayasinha

    Anukshi Jayasinha

  • Clara Llamas

    Clara Llamas

    Design services, businesses and organisations and read compulsively. https://www.linkedin.com/in/clarallamas

  • Karyn Lu

    Karyn Lu

    DEI&B, Civic Tech

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